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    Quote Originally Posted by Flush View Post
    Sweden, eh?
    That makes us two.

    MBTIc-domination within reach.
    Yes, soon... But for now, we wait...
    I take no responsibility for my awful english.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kuranes View Post
    On another forum there's a guy who enjoys a group called Gorguts which may fit your described target. When I get into "Doom" music, I prefer it to be more "soundtrack-y" ( Pink Floyd's darker journeys of the early 70's, that were more mood music than rock, as an example of the older style of this ) and so perhaps you can recommend something for me. I was curious about your avatar also. It intrigues me, as an artist interested in evoking eerie vibes. It looks almost like a Pieta made of liquid obsidian on the one hand, and ( on the other ) like someone trying ( pitifully ) to escape a tar pit.
    Well, what I am going to recommend you isn't doom, it's something called drone, and it's pretty eerie. Check out Sunn O)))... I think that you might like it.

    Regarding the avatar, that's Armus from Star Trek TNG S01E23. He's really evil. Also, he pretty much is a tar pit.
    I take no responsibility for my awful english.

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