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Thread: ISFJ reporting for duty! (To come out of hiding and learn a thing or two)

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    Default ISFJ reporting for duty! (To come out of hiding and learn a thing or two)

    Hello everyone, decided to take my odds on a MBTI message board and went with this one. I know SJ's are a rarity here and my family the whole lot of them SJ's would probably think this is some kind of joke. I break the mold in coming here maybe, maybe not, as the lean to S in me is slight but I trust is the dominating force. Yes, I've been reading about MBTI for a long time. I've been the poster boy for mental illness I feel throughout my time in school and one of the first things I tried to do was to understand who I was through such tests. I personally think your MBTI type can change dramatically under certain extreme circumstances and that I was naturally born ISFJ but became a "bad" example of an INFJ and later under much medication an INTJ. Take from that what you will all you majority of NF and NT's that I see here. I guess the lean towards the N side in coming to a message board now is more apparent, although the real goal is not come across as snide (sorry, I can explain that history some other time) but to take what I learn here to the outside world as I turn to try to understand the intricacies of all types in other people in the world out there, starting with friends and family but more importantly as I start to get a life the world at large, especially with my dream job being a dietitian, hopefully someday with my own office if my lean towards E becomes a bit stronger. And yes I am a guy, with that avatar and interested in nutrition...In any case I believe I might have over-introduced myself but I still haven't lost focus that I shouldn't be making a journal out of a post here and so, I simply hope that I can become a good contributor to the forum if anything!

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    Another '86 on the board, welcome
    ENTj 7-3-8 sx/sp

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    Don't be fooled there are a lot of us lurking in the forum reading the posts, we don't say much but we are here never the less.

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    Welcome, Mac(?)

    I like the intro.

    Ti Ne Fi Ni

    -How beautiful, this pale Endymion hour.
    -What are you talking about?
    -Endymion, my dear. A beautiful youth possessed by the moon.
    -Well, forget about him and get to bed.
    -Yes, my dear.

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    Interested in nutrition? Is that another way to say that you like cooking?

    I take no responsibility for my awful english.

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