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Thread: I like cats.

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    Welcome, Saffogen!

    I don't have a cat, but my dog is basically like one. She tries to sit on my lap and laptop when I am typing. Does that count?

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    welcome two cats... burmese and an abby. The burmese likes to go for walks and will bring me her coller and leash when she wants out. the abby is a cuddlebug and hes obsessed with playing fetch with catnip mice. As in ill be dead sleep and wake up to a bed full of catmice from him trying to wake me up to play lol. i love them both...the little shenanigeners....
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    Quote Originally Posted by GarrotTheThief View Post
    I like dogs that think they are ex-girlfriend had a Labradorean-rottweiler combo that was raised with kittens and was a cat in a dog's body.
    my miniature schnauzer thinks that she is a cat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Starcrash View Post
    my miniature schnauzer thinks that she is a cat.
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    I once had a cat who seemed to think he was a dog, adopted him as a feral kitten. He was a nasty little bugger, his default mode of communication was growling. And every once in a while, I swear, he would bark, and he was a biter. I have a history of abusive pet relationships. Cat-dogs aren't near as cute as dog-cats.

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    I am a bear.
    I am not a cat.
    Therefore, you do not like me.
    But welcome anyway!

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