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    Hello! I’m new here. I posted already in the “what’s my type” section. I would write more about what type I think best describes me, but I’m hoping to get unbiased responses in the “what’s my type” section. The thread is here Underdog keeps getting mistaken for a bird or a plane or a frog

    Any insight you can give would be appreciated. I can give more information if needed. I have taken the MBTI several times (the real one, not online quizzes). I am just starting to look at other type indicators, such as Enneagram. I think personality typing is interesting. I became even more interested in it after I got married because my husband’s personality is very different than mine. This is great in that we push each other in ways people of similar types would not push each other. We “grow” each other. However, even though I love him very much, it can lead to fights.

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