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Thread: Hi everyone!! So I'm a new IxFP...

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    Default Hi everyone!! So I'm a new IxFP...

    So I've been creeping on some of these forums for a couple months because I recently became interested in MBTI and personality, and I finally decided to make an account!
    But I've been confused on

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    ...what my type is (lol I'm such a noob, I pressed submit on accident cause I'm on my phone.) Yep that happened. So anyways, I know I'm a 4w5 on the enneagram, and that I'm IxFP, but I'm confused on the sensing/intuitive part. It seems like I'm pretty balanced between the two. Or maybe I just don't have a great understanding of the cognitive functions.. Oh I don't know lol. But here's some stuff that might be relevant:
    -I divide my life into "eras" and look back on a time in my life and say, "oh, that was the so-and-so era." And usually a song that I listened to a lot during an era really brings an overwhelming flashback to that era.
    - I am not good at sports, at all.
    - I am a good artist, both in drawing and in music.
    - I try to write songs, but usually I get caught up in how much I want the song to be like that I focus on each line at a time, wanting every single word to fit into the meaning, but that usually just makes it so much harder to write and doesn't usually result in a good song.
    - when I'm drawing something, I don't like to focus too much on being extremely careful. I kind of like just letting the art be kind of "free" in that way (kind of contrasts with the way i write songs, haha)
    - I think in ideas and concepts when it's something that can't be put into words. And that happens a lot.
    - I usually have gut feelings about things, but then I doubt the accuracy of it and wonder if I'm just imagining it, which usually makes me very indecisive.
    - I'm pretty stubborn inwardly. Like, you can get me to say I agree with you and go along with it, but on the inside, I'm still going to be sticking to whatever my side was. In short, it's just pretty hard to sway my inward opinion. (Don't know if that's relevant to sensing/intuition or not)
    - I can usually tell if someone doesn't like me, and in turn I won't really like them, but I just keep it to myself and act normally towards them like I would any other person.

    I can't really think of anything else right now... Thanks everyone!

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    I take it PineTree1-24 where taken? Hate it when that happens, damn hipsters.

    Anyway, welcome.

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    Who knows. I just used that because I like the number 25

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    ISFP/INFP is a tough one. Since they both share the same dominant function, you'll have to come to a decision whether you're using Se or Ne as your auxiliary function.
    “If you worry about what might be, and wonder what might have been, you will ignore what is.” -anonymous

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    Hi Welcome.
    "In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay one invincible summer."
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