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Thread: Unsure About My Type + Intro (admin: feel free to delete if post is redundant)

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    Default Unsure About My Type + Intro (admin: feel free to delete if post is redundant)

    Hi. I'm not sure if there's a certain protocol for introductions (I guess the act of introducing oneself is protocol in and of itself), but anyway. I decided to finally join this site after lurking for perhaps 5 or so months. I'm reasonably interested in Meyers-Briggs in both theory and application, in part because it strongly resembles a "theory" of personality I sort of developed when I was young (12?). The initial purpose of my joining is admittedly selfish, though my curiosity exceeds my desire to attempt to adhere to some arbitrarily imposed metric of selflessness. The reason is that I'm having trouble typing myself. Yeah, I know that typing isn't exactly an exact science, and is more or less a hypothetical abstraction that attempts to roughly explain the drivers of individual behavior, and that it's difficult to fully assess someone's personality through a single post, but I'm still curious about opinions. So I guess a description is in order. I tend to be pretty quiet and low energy. I have very many interests and can find almost anything fascinating if I think about it or can understand it. I love computers, philosophy and engineering and spend most of my time reading or developing code. I love discussions (read: debates) and parties, and like to "cut-loose" every once in a while. I generally can't stand socialising with strangers and will typically keep my conversations short, though the opposite is the case for people I know and trust. I love thinking of possibilities and generating new ideas to the point off compulsion and I'll often follow through with it if it's feasible (or convince someone else to:P). Oh, I also like long walks on the beach (not really).
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    Welcome to the forum (as a member, of course)

    I detect either dominant or auxiliary Ne, as I see a bit of a Ne-Si axis in your writing. Will chime in when I have more to say.

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    Thanks! It's almost like staring into someone's window for a month and then asking them to let you in, lol. And I hope I'm not subconsciously over representing possible Ne in my writing style due to the negative perception of Si doms/auxes. Then again, I'm probably not because I'm choosing to leave out some of my rambling for clarity's sake. Meh.

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    Your life story sounds INTP, but your dialect is a bit more cheery. ENFP? INFP?

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    I wouldn't rule it out, especially given the strange cognitive bias I have against INFPs. I generally like them as persons, but I don't like the idea of them, and I like the idea of being one of them even less. Could that possibly be weird Fi-driven reasoning, since Fi deals with internal values? Though it could also be external (Fe) given that I have been exposed to others' negative opinions on INFPs. I wouldn't necessarily call myself idealistic, though. That's not to say that I don't have ideals, but I prefer that they stand the test of reason. Though I could just be stereotyping about INFPs because I'm pretty ignorant of the type (or possibly less ignorant than I'd expect, assuming I am one). Given the meandering nature of this, it's hard to rule out Ne being in the top three of my functional stack, because this writing is more of a processed form of my thought process (my speech is a bit different, depending on my comfort level, mood, etc.). I kind of want chicken nuggets now.

    Edit: Also, I have a friend who is ENFP in a can (complete with the obligatory warning labels, of course) and he and I seem nothing alike. He is a lot less concerned with how he's seen, more spontaneous, etc. I guess I can't necessarily rule out the ENFP label because type doesn't entirely dictate behaviour. Meh. Also, aren't INFPs supposed to be very self-aware (not like in the AI sense, but in the sense that they understand themselves)? Would it be within the normal (that is, typical for INFPs, lol) range of INFP behaviour to ask questions like this?
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    Welcome to the forum.

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