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Thread: Hello all! XD

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    Default Hello all! XD

    So I've been secretly observing posts from this forum over the past six months like a ninja, but I never really got the chance to create an account. Haha. But here I am today, more than happy to have joined this wonderful forum. I'm an INFJ guy by the way, so . Last time I tested my Enneagram, it was 5w4. To be honest, I've been quite interested in the MBTI cause it really seems to reflect one's character perfectly. Hopefully, I'll make plenty of friends here! Hope to talk to you all more in the times to come!

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Enneagram > MBTI btw : )

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    Welcome, ninja! Hope to see some kicks of yours around the forum. We made an emoticon in anticipation of your arrival, as a gift

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    Hi Welcome!

    Maybe he'll come back...or not.
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