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Thread: Afternoon

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    Default Afternoon

    Introductions are so tedious....

    Hi, please know me as MacKellar. (If you see what I did there, bonus point for you, or a cookie whichever you prefer.) I am happily married, mother of one amazing little boy, and will tell you all about my husband and son if you open that door, otherwise I shan't bother.

    I am an INTJ type 3. I can be a bit of a pain. I am not sorry. My husband is an ENTP (so, lots of frustrating fun.) My son is much too young to be typed I believe, but he is quite clever.

    I am a sci-fi nerd, an avid (unpublished) writer, and a PC gamer. I do have IM handles, but I'd rather be asked for them if you care to chat rather than have them out so anyone can use them. And that's all I've got for the moment. Thank you muchly.

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    Hheeeeellllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooo Elaine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacKellar View Post
    My husband is an ENTP (so, lots of frustrating fun.)
    Ha ha!

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