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    Hello, I'm a newbie who doesn't really know her type and is looking to learn more about psychology. I'll be lurking around these forums for a while, then

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    Hello, potential ENxP newbie!

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    Hello, experienced ENTP (a type I thought I was for a looooong time)

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    What makes you think you're not ENTP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAVO View Post
    What makes you think you're not ENTP?
    I always get ENTP on online tests, but I questioned the legitemateness of a this/that system, and I thought maybe i wasn't smart/witty/confident enough to be ENTP. (major stereotyping, I know) so I filled out a couple of questionnaires on Personality Cafe, where a couple of users identified my Fi. I've actually posted one on here, just to make sure. So, it's debatable :P I could be an ISFJ, for all I know :P

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