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Thread: Hello from an INFJ

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    Default Hello from an INFJ

    My name is Alyssa. My (ex) husband had me take the "test" when we first started dating five years ago (INFJ). He is an ISTP. I have been thumbing through this forum for quite some time and finally decided to join! For a little info about myself: I LOVE reading, my family is number one in my life, and animals are my passion. I'm extremely introverted (hoping it's something I can get better at) and don't really enjoy the acquaintance relationships. However, I love potential in people and get great fulfillment from helping those in need. There are many things I am hoping to to get from joining - a better understanding of relationships between personalities, my own personality, and to possibly help others who have conflict in their INFJ/ISTP relationship. I wish to grow from the information gathered on this forum and it is a privilege to be here.
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    Welcome fellow INFJ.

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    Hi Welcome aboard INFJ, there's almost enough of us to take over.
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    hello all my name is max and i am new here hope you all enjoy my stay

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