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Thread: ESTP - Still pondering!

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    Default ESTP - Still pondering!

    Hi All,
    I got told about the Myers Briggs stuff after my girlfriend found me particularly infuriating one day. Typically I would just poo-poo this as nonsense psychobabble stuff like Astrology and move on, but unlike astrology I found this nailed me pretty much dead on.

    I went through the initial "how awesome are we (ESTP) phase" then started looking more into our flaws and how to help balance myself out a bit.
    Im struggling though as several of the "flaws" I struggle to see why they are labeled as such. And so my pondering starts.

    Clearly there is no one best or worst type or this planet would be very very boring, also, reading into this too much is likely to cause a similar symptom to hypochondria!

    Its also helping me to kind of understand where my partner is coming from in the relationship, shes an ENFJ who feels I take her for granted, which maybe I do, but no more so than anyone else.

    If its of interest I am quite heavily E-67% and T-62% with very low S and P.
    Any advice from people out there on where to go next for interesting reads and so forth? I dont fully understand the enneagram stuff yet so am reading more on that but I came out a 7w8.

    So Hello!

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    Hiya Ned. I'm new to all this stuff too, but I wanted to say hello and welcome anyways

    I'm finding typology very helpful when it comes to relationships with my family, specifically figuring out where my family members are coming from (emotionally and cognitively), and how I can better communicate to them where I stand.My advice would be to just read everything. the more information you gather, the more your understanding will grow. at least this is what I'm finding.

    So, welcome! n00b power! x]
    Strong preference of Introversion over Extroversion (89%) ; Distinct preference of Intuition over Sensing (62%) ; Slight preference of Thinking over Feeling (12%) ; Slight preference of Judging over Perceiving (22%) - { slightly cracked }

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