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Thread: I just want information in an interactive way, so thank you.

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    Default I just want information in an interactive way, so thank you.

    Greetings, enjoy your time.

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    Gaining information through interactive means (by joining forums, reading books, or whatever interactive means you can think of). Is definately the best way to attain large quantities of information in the least amount of time. Since attaining information in a non-interactive way, not only requires keen observational skills, it requires pre-existing knowledge and experience to be of any significance! Gaining information interactively, means that all that information has already been processed by the minds of many a experienced and knowledgable person, and requires little scrutinization on your part. Pure information ready to be processed! But be wary of the many misinformations one might encounter on the way. Have a mind of your own, and use it wisely.

    That is to say, I welcome you.

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