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Thread: First post- please help type me!

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    Default First post- please help type me!

    Hello, hello-

    There's a very good chance that this post will end up being a bit...scattered.
    But I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read it .

    I need guidance...I'm not sure what type I am. So I'll tell you a little bit about myself, and hopefully the information (along with my style of language) will provide some clues as to where I fit in this system.

    First of all, I would like to pose one little problem that I had with the Myers/Briggs functions. It seems that the "Thinking/Feeling" spectrum would be more aptly named "Contemplation/Evaluation." The reason this is a problem is because I may very well be a "F" type even though I consistently test otherwise. Questions like "Do you willingly involve yourself in situations that require sympathy?" or "Do you feel emotionally connected to Soap Operas" will earn a resounding "No." However, that is not to say that if a friend is in need of emotional counsel I am unsupportive. Quite the opposite is true. I merely find that interpersonal drama- especially when created unnecessarily - is a waste of time. For instance, if a relatively thin girl calls herself fat, as if fishing for a complement, she is unlikely to recieve one from me. But, if she came to me saying that she often feels as if she is too fat, and this bears down on her self-confidence, she will undoubtedly earn my sympathetic counsel. There IS a difference- I hope that was clear enough.

    By the way, my name's Lance.I'm 20 years old and a psychology student at UT.

    Back to my original point about Contemplation/evaluation. At first I thought I would certainly test as a T rather than an F simply because I am capable and prize intelligence and logic highly. After a while though, I realized that the "F" is a result of rational, linear thought processes, rather than just "emotion," which is what the word seems to imply (as do the test questions referring to it.) My understanding of "thinking" and "feeling" in this system is that thinking refers to actual contemplation, whereas feeling refers to rational judgements about the importance of things.

    Another important note is that I have ADD to a greatly debilitating degree. I also have been battling with anxiety and depression on and off for some time. As a result, I have a number of prescription medications which alter my personality possibly to the point of altering the order of my intelligences. This means that I may seem to be one type on one medication, and a different type on another. I regulate my own medications and dosages- and alter them frequently to match what "intelligences" I believe will be most helpful for the day.

    I always test ENTP. I have never invented anything, though, and while I'm wildly original, I'm not so much interested in gadgetry or mechanics.

    Thanks for skimming this post.

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    You, Lance, need to familiarise yourself with the cognitive functions!

    There is a plethora of info about them on this website and on the internet, but let me give you head-start:

    INTP: Ti Ne Si Fe
    INFP: Fi Ne Si Te
    ENTP: Ne Ti Fe Si
    ENFP: Ne Fi Te Si

    What does this mean?! It's the order of what you use. Ti is introverted thinking, Ne extraverted intuition, etc..

    It's easier to figure out your type if you tackle it the way it should be tackled, rather than grappling with the dichotomy of F & T, etc.

    Research the cognitive functions (especially Introverted Thinking, Introverted Feeling).

    And welcome!

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    sounds like a plan, dan (a)

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    I am usually more helpful, but it's always a gamble knowing how much someone doesn't know.

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    I'll do this along with you.

    Definition of cognitive functions |

    Te - extraverted thinking Ordering; organizing for efficiency; systematzing; aplying logic; structuring; checking for consequences; monitoring for standards or specifications being met; setting boundaries, guidelines, and parameters, deciding if something isworking or not

    Ti - introverted thinking
    Analyzing; categorizing; evaluating according to principles and whether something fits the framework or model; figuring out the principles on which something works; checking for inconsistencies; clarying definitions to get more precision

    Fe - extraverted feeling Connecting; considering others and the group - organizing to meet their needs and honor their values; adjusting and accommodating others; deciding if something is appropriate or acceptable to others

    Fi -introverted feeling Valuing; considering importance and worth; reviewing for incongruity; evaluating something based on the truths on which it is based; clarifying values to achieve accord; deciding if something is of significance and worth standing up for."

    I use Ti far more than Te according to these descriptions.

    The F's are a little more muddy. More important than the will of the group is whether or not something is worth standing up for. I wouldn't really mind informing a group of people that Ron Paul was the only candidate to run on the platform of restoring civil liberties (and eliminating the IRS ;-)) and is therefore fixing problems that truly plague the people. Though not in the name of creating group harmony, I would say it, feeling that those are important enough principles to vocalize. That appears to speak to my preference of Fi over Fe.

    For sensing:

    Se - extraverted sensing Experiencing the immediate context; noticing changes and opportunied for action; being drawn to act on the physical world; accumulating experiences; scanning for visible reactions and relevant data; recognizing "what is"
    Si - introverted sensing Reviewing past experiences; "what is" evoking "what was"; seeking detailed information and links to what is known; recalling stored impressions; accumulating data; recognizing the way things have always been

    Definitely more Si than Se. I don't even live in the physical world.

    in the way of intuition:
    Ne - extraverted intuiting
    Interpreting situations and relationships; picking up meanings and interconnections; being drawn to change "what is " for "what could possibly be"; noticing what is not said and threads of meaning emerging across multiple contexts
    Ni - introverted intuiting Foreseeing implications and likely effects without external data; realizing "what will be"; conceptualizing new ways of seeing things; envisioning transformations; getting an image of profound meaning or far-reaching symbols

    Definitely Ne.

    So it seems my primary intelligences are Ne, Si, Ti, and Fi(?).

    But the F's were questionable.

    I can nearly eliminate INFP because of the DOMINANT Fi with Te.
    I'm weary of the ENFP for similar reasons; I just don't think I've got much Te goin on, and I know that Ti is NOT my seventh weakest of eight.

    Whether I use Ne or Ti as a dominant function is unclear. I'm very outgoing, so my initial instinct was Ne. That would support my test results. Taking it a little deeper though, I think that Ne is what I use because I AM outgoing. If I'm not having to communicate, I'm ruled by thought, not intuition. I'm also comfortable with Feeling in the subordinate slot.


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    I'm feelin INTP with you.

    Edit: Or ENTP.
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    Welcome aboard!
    "In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay one invincible summer."
    A Christian's life may be the only Bible some people ever read.
    "The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them" Maya Angelou.
    I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ" Gandhi

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    i don't think there's enough information to conclude your type, but you are likely an ENxP. (extroversion is defined by whether or not your dominant function is extroverted, and you seem like an Ne dominant)

    Quote Originally Posted by Annuit Coeptis View Post
    It seems that the "Thinking/Feeling" spectrum would be more aptly named "Contemplation/Evaluation."

    My understanding of "thinking" and "feeling" in this system is that thinking refers to actual contemplation, whereas feeling refers to rational judgements about the importance of things.
    this is actually not true.

    both thinking and feeling are judging functions. they only deduce. the goal of thinking is to come up with truth/falsehood, probabilities, and other numerical values. feeling focuses on how things fit into value systems. extroverted judging functions are concerned with real world application of their conclusions, while introverted judging functions are not.

    you are right about emotion, though. it's not a T or F thing. everyone has emotion -- i know plenty of Ts that are much more emotional than i.

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    I would really love to hear any thoughts and feedback about this post.
    It's also going to be a sleepy, rambly one.

    "i don't think there's enough information to conclude your type, but you are likely an ENxP."

    Yes: my first conclusion was premature and incorrect.

    This morning I woke up, and was clearly an ENFP.
    Yesterday, though- I did not resemble one according to the descriptions, and there is a reason for this.

    The way I arrived at the correct conclusion is interesting enough for me to want to share it, and since this is a thread about me...

    Imipramine (tofranil) is a tricyclic antidepressant renown for its success in pulling people out of major depression. It was quite popular fifty years ago, but due to its side affects (which the newer SSRI classes don't share) it is rarely used anymore. It takes a couple of weeks for the drug to build up in one's system enough to reach the therapeutic blood level.

    It reached that level last night, as I slept. When I awoke, I immediately recognized a shift in my perception.

    Last night, I had read Bluewing's (awesome) post about the ENFP type. Even within the descriptions of "unhealthy ENFPs," my personality was not quite covered. But that is in actuality what I am (or was).

    I believe I spent a good deal of time representing *only* my ISTJ shadow. I have not heard of this situation before, but I did represent an ISTJ on and off for a while, locking myself up and reading only about science, and losing the ability to be one step ahead of people in conversation. In this state, I analyzed things VERY deeply, and even mapped out abstract systems on paper in my free time. Most of my (constant) thoughts were directed toward contemplating the pointlessness of existence. When in this state, I was having a difficult time communicating with others at all. I could not figure out exacty how to verbalize my thoughts, which I found VERY odd, since I would have at once considered improvising speech my most pleasant inate quality. But, that doesn't mean I'm "talkative" by any means.

    KNOWING that I am naturally an NP, this was the first piece of evidence that led me to incorrectly assess that I was an INTP. I have a few INTP friends who contemplate pointlessness and lock themselves up to read. The difference is that they are healthy and normal, and I was (or am) not.

    From Bluewing's post:

    "“The intuitive’s morality is governed neither by thinking nor by feeling; he has his own characteristic morality, which consists in loyalty to his vision and involuntary submission to authority."

    This describers me perfectly, except that I found the submission to authority a little misleading until I reread it. I have always been (PRIOR to the strong ISTJ qualities surfacing) an outspoken extrovert who could, if anything, be easily criticized for defying authority too much. ANY "authority" that is put above me holds no merit. The reason for this is that the person who PLACED that authority figure above me HAS no authority to do so. Therefore, I find the whole idea fallible. As an example: I have been forced by law to sit in a chair that I did not want to be in, forced to listen to subjects I didn't care to hear. For eight hours a day, I could have honed any skill I chose, but instead I sat there upset about my lack of voice in the system. I consistently made C's and learned nothing, and if I had to go back and do it all again, I would do it the same way. They took eight hours of every day from me, so going home and spending my time there finishing their futile assignments was out of the question. After all, I wanted a college education from a good school, but I figured that any scores I would make on a standardized test would be good enough, (I'm a fantastic test taker.) So I DID work very hard in high school, but only for three hours.

    BUT, if the quote implies that I allow those that I respect to be my authority, (as in my super-cool friends), then I would say that's pretty interesting. That's probably the reason that I'm so darn picky about who I really respect. This makes sense to : I notice the good qualities in others, such as my friend Seth, an INFP who is always extremely fair and level, and I then wish I was more like them in that way.

    Because of this mindset that I retained throughout middle school and highschool, I learned to reject any authority other than my own, (with the exception of authority figures that I AUTHORIZE to be my authority figures- who were never the teachers or anyone like that )

    I learned and accepted this mentality to such a strong extent that it will probably be more detrimental to me in the future than I can foresee. (In that I can't stand the thought of being "someone elses hands.")

    In college, I have been extremely "lazy" in that I choose not to do my work. My goals, on a semi-conscious level, though I don't actually say this (I live it instead) are to achieve exactly 70% of the points I need for any given class. I have been fulfilling that goal head on. I always ALMOST fail. My rationalization is that I will earn the piece of paper (degree) that is my purpose for attending school regardless of whether I'm making STRAIGHT C's or STRAIGHT A's. Anything I truly WANT to learn or read about, I can do on my own time.

    Though I still don't really disagree with that rationalization, I can't help but wonder why I am forced to create it to begin with. Why would anyone work any harder than me? My best guess when honestly evaluating the situation is that I'm simply a self-destructive individual who is sabotaging myself.

    Oh, and the ENFP is supposed to be an optimist- I have not ever been one.

    Why am I self-destructive? I don't know, I can entertain the notion I hate myself on some level, but I don't really think that's the case....After all, I win favor with people VERY quickly, I have a lot of quirky interests and skills, and a lot of people (including myself) find my eclectic uniqueness and confidence fascinating.

    I don't mean to brag - I don't think I'm better than anyone else, but I am being as open and honest as possible in this post.

    Well, when I woke up this morning, I WAS an optimist. And I WAS defining the world with Fi. And I WAS self-conscious. I never identified with self-conscious people before, and in some ways I actually pitied them. What OTHERS thought of me has always been the least of my worries, and counter-intuitively, this quality drew people toward me.

    I have to admit, the self-consciousness was a bit awkward! When my friend who I only know somewhat well was talking to me, I couldn't quite figure out where to rest my hands. This may not make a lot of sense, but I've always been so loose and natural around people that I've never given any thought to such inane self-scrutiny. I admit, this new way of thinking is uncomfortable right now- but I don't think it's bad. I just think that I'm starting to use an intelligence that has been stifled for years.

    I'm new to driving this vehicle, so I'm not going to beat myself up if I accidentally pop the clutch for a while...At least I finally feel connected to people. More than I thought I naturally could, but no more than my ENFP room mate appears to be.

    I now FIT into a type. I think I was today the way I should have always been. Having witnessed some of the typical faults of the ENFP from an
    "outside" vantage point (through a developed Te, and also through the ISTJ shadow), I will try to avoid the pitfalls I have seen. I now feel as if it would be quite possible for me to involuntarily submit to authority or be taken advantage of in a similar way. I have seen other ENFP's falter in that they have a lack of discernment - this is the "silver lining" that comes with having lived in various states of some kind of depression over most of my life.

    Since I read Bluewing's post last night right before bed- and because I live with another ENFP, my type is now quite clear. I'm looking forward to the changes in my lifestyle and in my self.

    Thanks for putting up with thiself-centered post

    Is any of this information useful?
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    Default read the personality overview

    I am a lot like you in that I don't test into a particular type. I test halfway between I and E and most of the time I test a T even though I think I am actually an F. So I'm listing my type the same way you are: ?N?P.

    The thing that helped me the most was when I got the book Please Understand Me and read the overviews of each type that I might fall into. Once I read the overview--which goes into what you are like in relationships, what you were like as a child, etc. I was clearly an INFP. But I never test that way. So I would recommend that you read the overview instead of trying to piece together each characteristic.

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