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Thread: An INFJ says hi to all of you!

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    Default An INFJ says hi to all of you!

    I recently found out about MBTI system and since then have been looking for information about it. I did several online MBTI tests and read a bunch of descriptions and INFJ is the one I always get as a result. It's so exact it's actually kinda scary. :j

    Just a few words about myself. A 20-year-old guy from the northern Europe, photography student, more introvert and than I'd like to be. Probably quite boring on the surface, but a really fun guy in the inside when you get to know me.

    I'm trying to constantly figure out who I am, how to develop myself, what I've done wrong in the past and what I should do better in future. I've noticed that little by little the process has become a bit easier, or actually maybe not easier, but more organized. I stumbled upon this forum just a few hours ago and found so many similiar stories that I just couldn't keep myself from registering.

    Hope to get to know you better!

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    Welcome to the forum, crow

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    hey-oh! Always good to see another INFJ ^_^

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