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    Quote Originally Posted by krisp View Post
    hello, i'm new too.
    I read somewhere that INFP and INTPs are quite similar... But I'm really a novice with all this MBTI stuff so I guess we'll see.
    Yeah, in some ways. I'm pretty close with an infp and one thing I've noticed that is similar is the overwhelming amount of intense thinking that is involved about pretty much everything. So it's cool to be able to talk to another person who has a tendency to overthink things and relate to them. As for differences, my infp friend will talk much more about wanting and deeply enjoying being around other people, especially when he's gets to hear people's stories and/or feel like he's helping in some way. Right now, he's teaching English to a couple who just moved to the US and gets a lot of satisfaction out of feeling like he's helping them out.

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    i think that intj's definitely plan more for what they want, my intp friend has no idea what he wants to do but he is set up for a good school and gets good grades. he understands the concepts then tends to not pay attention in class but still has a better understanding of the material than the majority of the class (vast majority). I also definitely enjoy talking to him about things that tend to intrigue us but other people i imagine would for the most part, care less.

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