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    I'm new here. I discovered this site a few weeks ago via a thread on typology in Harry Potter characters, and I've been reading around on the site every since.

    About me...

    I'm an INTP. The first time I tested, years ago, I came out INFJ. But at the time, I was working on a doctorate in literature at a university that had 10-week terms. In other words, I was in a very F discipline, and I was on a very J schedule.

    I figured that the F was solid because I liked the arts, and I assumed that the J was wrong because, left to my own devices, I'm very random, messy, and improvisational. But INFP just did not fit at all. So I spent a lot of the time wondering why my type description just didn't seem to fit.

    Then, I started going all techno-geek. I loved computers. I loved doing computer music. I loved trouble-shooting. I loved to compile information and discover the patterns behind vast amounts of raw data.

    And even my relationship to the arts was kind of geeky. My mind naturally gravitated toward analyzing music while I was listening to it and to analyzing movies while I was watching them. In actuality, my mind seems to be analyzing all the time, no matter what the content.

    Sometime in the early 2000s, I discovered that I loved to play with logic puzzles, and when I eventually got bored with puzzles, I started doing Math... for fun.

    Once I worked my way up through the second semester of Precalculus, I finally became willing to consider the possibility that I might be a T rather than an F. I never really wanted to be a T because the type didn't seem to fit my artistic and literary bent. But it certainly fit with a lot of the things that made me happy. And anyway, I was never a reader of literature because it made me "feel." I was a reader of literature because it made me "think."

    More recent tests reveal that I am a T rather than an F, and that's why the INFP label never fit me for all those years. As it happens, I'm not a defective INFP. I'm just an artistically inclined INTP. And I'm cool with that.

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    Welcome. I can definitely relate to being interested in art and literature from an analytical perspective.

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    Thank you.

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    zerocrossing? Does that refer to triggering a process when an elecronic signal crosses 0 volts? BTW, as far as I can tell, I'm a technically inclined INFP. Welcom.

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    Het zerocrossing:

    You sound a lot like me. I'm also very analytical about everything, yet I have a strong intuitive connection to art & music. I love math and language, and finding the patterns in things. I also love the physical sensations of being alive...

    Remember that type is a shorthand for 4 dichotomies. You natually have many other skills that those four letters don't necessarily imply or contain.

    Welcome to the place!

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