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Thread: Another hello...

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    Default Another hello...


    Well, apparently I straddle two types, but don't hold that against me :-) But this is seriously fascinating stuff & a lot of fun to explore. I've had a bit of a look around the NT side of the forum & find it particularly exhilarating.

    Has anyone (perhaps other NT's) found the questionaires to be a bit imprecise (& hence frustrating as they are thus not particularly accurate)> I actually scored as a Mastermind/INTJ (chuckles at the thought of the nomenclature) on the Kiersey site test. In one I did in the Pygmalion Project, I can't remember the subtype though I was an NT - but I scored nearly equal on an artisan related side. And in the test I did in the 'Please Understand Me' book I scored equal on the S-N spectrum. I do quite resonate with the latter so I kept that one.

    Oh - & Montgomery, if you're reading this (yeah right :-)), get your butt into gear and write that book on the NT's in the Pygmalion Project. We're really not that impossible to understand :-)

    Anyway, hello everyone!

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    Check out the cognitive functions section of the forums, the differences between ISTJ and INTJ will be clearer than one letter after understanding Si v Ni.

    Anyhoo, heya from SA

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    Hi Welcome aboard! Glad to meet you.
    "In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay one invincible summer."
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