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Thread: ENxP here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Liquid_Laser View Post
    ENTP and ENFP are alike in a lot of ways, but one way that I've found that they are different is where their inspiration comes from. ENFP's inspiration ultimately comes from their desire to express their personality or identity. ENTP's inspiration ultimately comes from the ideas that they have. It's a distinction that can be hard to notice from an outsider's perspective, but can be useful for a person determining their own type.
    That's an excellent observation.
    ENTP's can be really horrible procrastinators too.
    I had read that ENFPs struggle with it the worst. I am actually a pretty bad procrastinator, too. For me, it's related to the fear of not being perfect.

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    Welcome to the forum.
    I guess it won't take you more than a week to read and know about your own type
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    Quote Originally Posted by INTJMom View Post
    That's an excellent observation.
    I had read that ENFPs struggle with it the worst. I am actually a pretty bad procrastinator, too. For me, it's related to the fear of not being perfect.
    I know that INFP's can be really bad procrastinators too, but I am not sure if they are worse than ENFP's or not. When I procrastinate (which I am not as bad about as when I was younger) it is essentially from a lack of motivation. Or a better way to say it is that proper motivation is great way to cure my procrastination. Another contributer is that sometimes I am overwhelmed with ideas, and the end result is that I often do little or nothing.
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    Welcome! I'm an ENFP married to an ENTP, so maybe I can be of some assistance in determining you type.

    There's a lot to read about MBTI here...have fun posting!

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    Well, welcome for starters If you are an ESFP you would def know. ESFPs are crazy, like Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter (may he rest in peace.) ENFPs are more dreamy goofy Robin Williams type people. Hope that helped!!!

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    There was no mention of "S". The Op saids ENxP. Just to clarify.

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    ENFPs and ENTPs both make for awesome types, so either way you swing, you'll be good company.

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    Default Some observations and a welcome!

    ENTPs are more likely to slap you down in an argument or say something obnoxious for the win w/o really thinking they are slapping you down or being obnoxious. An ENFP would know if they did this and consciously do it and possibly feel bad about it afterwards...except you deserved it dammit!

    Hahahaha, hope that helps.

    More observations:

    ENXP's both are very busy and have a lot of interest and interaction with the outside world.

    One distinction -- I think substitute (ENTP) said in the forum that if he gets excited about an idea, it may seem to the person with the idea that he likes them but really he doesn't care either way, he's just enthusiastic about the project and his enthusiasm is read for personal feelings.

    I think with ENFP, we also feel enthusiasm for projects, but we actually do like the people involved and feel more personally invested or just aware of these relationships as well (unless they do something to change our opinion.)

    Also, all things being equal, ENFPs in general are more people smart. ENTPs are observant but ENFPs are generally savvier in personal relationships at least about others motivations. ENTPs are more likely to get confused or surprised by someone's behavior and read for visible cues and work backwards whereas ENFPs generally have tabs on people and "get" them more intuitively. Though both ENXP's have been accused of jumping to the wrong conclusions.

    The energy of ENFP and ENTP in my opinion is different. Both can be strong opinionated individuals but there's no way else to describe it other than ENTP has something clinical in the way they approach relationships whereas ENFP generally has their ego too closely involved to look at their relationships in those terms. This isn't to say that ENTPs are cold and ENFPs are warm and ENTPs are also thought of as people persons, but, maybe just coming from a textbook ENFP I can kinda tell how an ENTP is sizing up people or relationships and it's not how I do it. I had a friend (don't his type) who said he always "picked people apart" in his head but it wasn't with malice and he was a very sweet guy, people were drawn to him.

    I think these are all subtle but very telling distinctions.

    But maybe I'm way off and making more stereo/types.

    But -- regardless, WELCOME!

    We want you here regardless of what type you turn out.
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    Unhappy Hi ("Say What?")

    I've been researching personality types for a while now trying to find myself, and have had some insights. What I want to explain here is how a community can affect your function... (This MAY have already been said...?) But I want to expand on the communication styles that were mentioned.

    I remember someone said on here that if your looking for the general principle behind what their saying and not subtle cues that you're a Thinker.

    Well one thing to be careful for is that since Intuitives are a minority among the population coupled with Thinkers, that you should be careful not to confuse your Intuitive/Thinking with compassion. - Growing up for me felt like no one was really on my level... so I had to use my Feeling/Sensing in order to allow my Intuitive/Thinkers to function, although in a somewhat diminished way. does that make sense?

    What I'm trying to say is:

    Don't confuse your quote/unquote - sympathy - and desire to fit in - with the Feeling Function. What's happening is your looking for subtle cues, but it's just so your Thinking Function can adequately express itself.

    I believe if you went into a field where intuitive/thinkers were readily available, you (and I ) would feel much more sane and at home.

    Does this help?

    I also have a theory on paranoia if anyone is interested...

    Basically, the Intuitive Type feels so alone that he Thinks something must be wrong, so he becomes anxious - the fight or flight response - in order to try and adequately assess what's really going on in his environment. Feeling uniquely "detached" from everyone else, makes his Sensing Function go into overdrive, thus the oversensitivty. But... since he is an inuitive, he can't help but put his Sensing Perceptions into an "Intuitive Pattern," leading to a total disorientation.

    To better understand the functions I would recommend MBTI characteristics & 16 Personality Types

    Peace Niggas ;P

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