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Thread: Hi... just another INFP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    We can't have too many of you. And of course INFPs are utterly adorable, but to provide us with light relief we have all the other types.
    LOL, got it.

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    Hi all,

    Thanks for sharing with us. I write down a barely ordered mix of random thoughts, stories, moods and plans.

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    The thing is that although extroverts are admirable, they can't comprehend the inner life of introverts.

    And as extroverts are dominant, introverts tend to have their inner life disrupted.

    And having their inner life disrupted, introverts tend to be neurotic.

    And being neurotic, introverts are not able to be of help to one another.

    So the first task of introverts is to understand their own neurosis. The next task is to learn to relax into their inner life and enjoy it. And the last and final task for introverts is to help one another relax and enjoy their gifts.

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