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Thread: INFP!

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    Hey welcome; you seem cool. Totally random that we're talking about shoe sizes though!
    () 9w8-3w2-7w6 tritype.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tkae. View Post
    Well, my plan now is to jump straight out of undergrad into grad school for my MFA, then turn around and teach an English 101 class.

    Just so I have something stable.

    My real hope is that I'll get published though. Most likely in a literary journal, but maybe snag a book deal if I'm lucky

    But while I'm working on that, I wanna still be close to school so I can keep learning. And if I get a job at the school I'm going to, they'll let me take classes for free while I'm teaching. So I can hone my writing even while I'm teaching!

    Sounds like a plan Stan, i mean tkae.
    Welcome, my shoes size is 4 (einy miney) and i'm pretty low on height, but big on personality.
    oh look we got the hi-five
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