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Thread: Hello.

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    "View First Unread" is supposed to work based on messages that have been posted since your last *Visit*.

    However, if you post a Reply within a Thread, clicking on "View First Unread" will no longer bring you to the first new message since your last visit - but will instead bring you to your own Post.

    This is a problem, not only because it is not functioning as it is supposed to, but also because it is counter-intuitive.

    The Read/Unread flags are not changed by your posting a reply to a Thread. People expect that clicking "View First Unread" will bring them to the first message that has been flagged "Unread".

    If you are browsing a thread with 100 posts, 50 of which are new for you - and you reply to message #60 when you get to it... clicking on "View First Unread" should bring you back to message #50. Instead, it brings you to message #101 (your reply) - which is not accurate.

    vB cannot assume that you have read all messages prior to your posting a reply within a Thread.

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    Hola, hope you enjoy yourself here and make some good friends
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