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Thread: Hi Gang!!

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    Welcome. I like that catchy name.

    Quote Originally Posted by FrisbeeLad View Post
    Loves: my wife (INFJ), green/white teas and dark chocolate and organic food
    What's your favorite chocolate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magic Poriferan View Post
    Hello, Frisbee.

    You are married to someone that either is or virtually is your anima.
    How has that been?
    It's been good. We're VERY different people but we both have common senses of humor, spiritual ideas, political ideals, and enviro ideals. There's also a lot of respect for each other's need for space.

    We have our friction here and there, but it's never that bad. I've had to learn to not tease her so much and she's had to learn to actually SAY to me things that she thinks she's already told me but really were just dialogues in her head. her lots of hugs and words of affection go along way for me. I've also had to learn to give more compliments and be less critical about things. She's had to learn to be more physically affectionate with me and engage me in the "present" a bit more. I could mention a lot more but I'd like to have time to respond to others in this welcome forum too.


    P.S. I always thought that our type dynamic has been labeled a "supplement". And that the "anima" for an ISTP was an ENFP. What IS the "type" definition of anima?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jive A Turkey View Post
    Welcome. I like that catchy name.

    What's your favorite chocolate?
    Favorite chocolate...hmmm...I really like the Equal Exchange Very Dark Chocolate bars (maybe 72% cacao). Also...Dagoba's "Xocolatl" bars with some chili in it. I did try a Montezuma bar (from Brighton, England) with chilis in it. The chocolate was TASTY, but the British sense of chili hotness is a bit lacking.

    I tried a Ghiradelli 86% bar recently that was AWESOME!!! They must conch their choco for a long long time as it seems really smooth.

    What I've been wanting to do is try a full blown bar >70% of Criollo bean cacao. That I bet would be AMAZING!!! Got any suggestions?

    There are others that I like too. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE BARS an/or chocolate companys?


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    Quote Originally Posted by aelan View Post
    ooh. Another ISTP to munch on get to know.

    The ISTP action and logic is always intriguing to me as an N.

    Welcome. I wait for two more STPs who're gonna bump on along here within the day to sniff you out, I'll bet.
    Hmmm...should I be worried?!

    I hope this isn't like a dog or cat's sniff greeting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grayscale View Post
    hey there!

    you caught me
    Hey Grayscale,

    Is your avatar picture from the Princess Bride? My wife LOVES that movie and quotes it ALL the time. "Anybody want a peanut?..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by INTJMom View Post
    Welcome to the forum!

    I've been married to an ISTP for 25 years.
    Cool!!! My best friend is an INTJ. We took a little while to warm up to each other, but then of course you learn a lot about someone if you end up sharing a room with them in college for two years straight. Now we're pretty much like brothers. Don't see each often but when we do...time hasn't really past and we pick up as though time and space didn't exist.

    I always wondered what it would be like dating an INTJ woman, but I've only ever met one that I could obviously identify as an INTJ. My friend Kevin (ISFP) is married to the lone INTJ woman that I do know.

    What's your dynamic like?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OctaviaCaesar View Post
    Welcome! SPs are great. I love it when Sensors value Jungian typology stuff. Enjoy!
    Thanks! I'll try my best to discuss things here at MBTI Central.

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    Hello and welcome.

    INFJ Women and Dark Chocolate rule!

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    How's tricks, Lad?
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    Quote Originally Posted by FrisbeeLad View Post
    Loves: my wife (INFJ), green/white teas and dark chocolate and organic food
    Ah, you've won me over with your tea and dark chocolate. :-) I myself prefer black tea, but I do have a few green tea blends that I love. Organic food's excellent too - although it's so darn expensive!!

    [And it doesn't hurt that you have an appreciation for INFJ's!! ]

    "...On and on and on and on he strode, far out over the sands, singing wildly to the sea, crying to greet the advent of the life that had cried to him." - James Joyce

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