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Thread: Oh...I Guess I Should Say, "Hi".

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    Welcome the the board, ElusiveRain

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    Wow, thanks so much for the warm welcome .

    Elaur--About my children, they're 6 and 3 (both boys)--Really great kids. I believe the oldest might be an ISFJ, but I'm not really sure about the youngest. He acts like a playful SP quite a bit (what kid at 3 doesn't), but he's somewhat more imaginative than my older one, so I'm thinking there may be an eventual N in there. My older one loves to make things with paper and tape (I'm always running out), and my younger one is attached to any type of train. Tell me about your girls?...

    YourLocalJesus--It's sushi. Yours?

    Thanks, Scott N Denver, Biaxident, Kambro, Warm, Tinkerbell...I look forward to reading more from you all.

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