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Thread: Greetings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alfa Prime View Post
    From what I have gathered, "reality" is highly subjective, especially when subtleties are considered. Our perceptions are coloured by the beliefs we hold about ourselves, and the world.
    Welcome, fellow INTP!

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    It is fascinating how close you are, but why am I believed to be an N? To add complexity, I have shifted a letter.

    Quote Originally Posted by The_Liquid_Laser View Post

    Please enjoy your stay on our planet, and if you see and "world devourers" then please steer them in another direction.
    I am afraid it is too late. After devouring Jimmy's Shoe Shop, Galactus left. He does not fancy "dirty" 2nd hand shoes.

    Thank you, for welcoming me.
    "Fortune favours the bold."

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