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Thread: This is my subject line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pettycure View Post
    To be honest, it can be rather a drag. I can have moody little temper tantrums sometimes just because I get so frustrated. I want to do something. My BF likes to lift my spirits by allowing me to tackle him and lets me beat up on him and pretends that he couldn't totally kick my ass into next week, ha. He's gone until early Feb doing some work stuff. I miss him.
    Well, I hope he comes back soon. That's an interesting situation to imagine... I'm so afraid to DO stuff. Whenever I think about it, little things always pop into my head like, "I'll look stupid," "I might do it wrong," and "What if people dislike me?"
    Is it an African or European swallow and 42!
    Yeah! You're Random Knowledge Lady all right.

    I'd definitely give you a Fishy Stick if this were a video game forum, but all I have is this:

    Well, welcome again.

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