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Thread: Hey guys!

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    Default Hey guys!

    Hey guys!

    I guess I'll introduce myself by describing my current status and overall development. I recently sought to learn my personality type because I was unsure about what major and job I wanted to seek (and still sort of am). I registered to major in economics, and my plan is to work in the business environment, but I have never actually done so except for working a year in retail- a job that was fun sometimes but more stressful dealing with the public. Regardless, it gave me lots of skills dealing with the public and at least a basic ability to start decent small talk with people. The reason why I want to work in business, is because ultimately I want financial security, and I think a job in business could fulfill that need.

    Anyways, after thinking a lot about what job I ultimately want, I decided to go to the university's career resource office and take the Myers Briggs test. The general results were different than I was used to- they placed a bar between each category (i or e, etc.) with 30 towards the dominant result and -30 towards the repressed result. I got a +30 for introverted (highest one can get, although I'm not really that shy), +3 for sensing, +9 for thinking, and +16 for perceiving. After reviewing the results, I decided that ultimately I am more of an N than an S because I tend to be much more theoretical with ideas (especially politics and freedom) than mechanics. The only things that are S-ish with me are my love for cars and other means of personal transportation (I can't actually install my own parts since I'm not mechanically gifted, but I enjoy driving and "feeling" the response of the car and subsequently predicting what the car will do next), and my attention to my environment, which causes me to be somewhat incapable of concentrating on work if there are distractions in the background.

    Also on a side-note, my brother is a hardcore INFP, and interactions with him are pretty difficult sometimes. When we were kids, he would always physically push me around, but I wouldn't push him back because I felt that I may as well just let my parents deal with him and the punishment. What good would actually fighting him do, when the outcome was easier and more efficient when the authorities took care of it? I've always been a pretty passive guy and didn't want to fight him. He just became (and still becomes) so angry over nothing, and could not control his temper, even if it wasn't my fault. When we were kids, and he would lose a video game, he would always get angry at me for looking and "breaking his concentration." Now, I find it hard sometimes to really talk to him, because, unlike other types who are usually capable of arguing and not taking it personally, he becomes too angry and takes the argument personally. For example, I was trying to convince him that he should look into transferring into a university with a reputable creative writing/literature school (since he wants to be a writer). He was arguing that an academic institute does not really help improve one's writing qualities (which is actually quite subjective). I was arguing that, if a university was reputable for their creative writing department, it would have more creative writers who could help critique his work. Suddenly, he became too frustrated and forced a conversation change (one of my pet peeves!). He also dislikes criticism and takes it personally. Couple that with my objective criticism, and dislike to praise, and oftentimes he becomes quickly discouraged in his writing. Unfortunately, he is a very private person and only has a couple of friends (I'm his best), so I feel bad about criticizing his work and only do it if he wants me to- in which case, my tendency to criticize and not praise outweighs me trying to make him feel better and not offering much criticism. Having said all that, we get along well, although I think our relationship could be much stronger if he would just stop getting so angry!

    I love both my parents. My mother is a strong ESFJ, and I find it funny how much the personality portrait matches her. I find that she often gets worried and anxious over sometimes trivial matters, especially financial ones. But my dad is an INFJ, and he is quite the opposite. Money to him is better to give/buy things for family than to save, and he knows that he can do odd jobs to get the money required.

    Well, that's my introduction thread! I hope it wasn't too long and was interesting to read. I also hope to contribute lots to this forum!

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    That's a very long post, but welcome! I hope the world of typology continues to be helpful for you.
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    My introduction post was nearly as long. I tho missed reading in yours that space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness

    Johari / Nohari

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    hey Henry, welcome to the forum!

    ISTPs aren't necesarily mechanical, there are ISTPs here who aren't mechanical, and who aren't interested in cars.

    i found this page that compares N vs S:
    Intuition and Sensing

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    Wow, hi Welcome, glad to meet you.
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    Hi. Hello. Etc...
    You can call me Charles.

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    Hello, Henry McCoy! Welcome to the forums.

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