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Thread: Hello, male ENFP here

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    Thank you all for making me feel so welcome. Due to registering in somewhat incompetent fashion, I've spent about a week lurking here, desperately wanting to comment on various threads and not being able to. Now that I finally can, nothing much is coming to me, probably on account of not having slept much last night and being too tired

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    what is it about u enfp's that just grips us intj's, i'll never get it. Complementary brain chemistry maybe.
    I must admit that off the top of my head the only person I can think of that I know who I think is an INTJ is my brother in law. His wife (my sister) is also an ENFP.

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    which goes to show that there is some truth to these typology findings, or at least i'd like to hope there is. It sure seems to be true to me, i've met one enfp in my life, knew him for a little while, and was absolutely mesmerized by him for some crazy reason. Too bad i lost touch with him.

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    Greetings and salutations!

    Lets talk shop sometime.

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