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Thread: Your requisition for an additional INTP has been fulfilled

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ionia View Post
    And unlike in my previous incarnation as a code monkey,
    I congratulate you on your evolution.

    *runs off swinging on trees and making monkey sounds*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ionia View Post
    Is this like a WoW guild thing and you don't need another hunter?
    LOL. A little, if only because we have WAY more than our fair share of INTPs. But in truth, we let everyone in regardless of type, because there's not a real limit on the number of members we can have, that I know of.

    Yay, I'm worthy of rule bending!
    Yeah, you definitely are. You're an INTP that can spell correctly and speak articulately. I'd rather see a sharp INTP than a P-brain posting, if you know what I mean.
    It's quite enjoyable and full of exciting challenges -- my two main functions are to take several billion inchoate numbers and explain to people what they actually mean and to point out when people have made unjustified assumptions, mathematical errors, and other mistakes (and my tertiary function is to display xkcd comics in my office). And there's more chaos and mistakes every week, so I rarely get bored. And unlike in my previous incarnation as a code monkey, employment is actually pretty stable -- I no longer get laid off every nine months because the company has only three-quarters of a product and no revenue (why yes, I was part of the whole dot-com fiasco, since you ask -- and yes, I realize that makes me old
    You know, I've been told that actuary would be a good career for me, precisely because it's stable/conventional. I used to be into computers, but I've found that I don't enjoy such technical stuff anymore, and especially not if it's constantly changing and unstable. Also, I'm not terribly comfortable with working alone and independently, as they often expect tech people to do.

    This is the internet! I'm sure we've got a disproportionate share.
    Yeah, I'd think so.

    Nah, Vermont and San Francisco are both filled with hippies, so not much change
    This may sound like a retarded question, but how did they get hippies in Vermont? I mean, isn't it too cold for hippies there most of the year?

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    Welcome, Ionia!

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