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Thread: A rare Female ESTJ here!

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    Welcome. Enjoy your stay
    Rule #1: Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts his cakehole.

    Again, Demons I get, but people are just crazy.

    ESTP? o.O

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    We love you!

    ...come back plz?
    and it's nice enough to
    make a man
    weep, but I don't
    weep, do

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    Some ESTJs can be heartless executives, but since they are essentially predisposed to work based on regulations designed to protect people, this doesn't have to be the case. Anyone can be heartless, it's a separate issue. I've heard Hitler was an INFP. Inconcievable maybe when compared to most INFPs, but it makes more sense once you look into it.

    Here's part of the Keirsey description of the type that translates as an ESTJ:

    Sociable and civil, Logistical Initiators are usually pillars of their community. They are generous with their time and effort, and very often belong to a variety of service clubs, loges, and associations, supporting them through steady attendance, but also taking a vocal leadership role. Indeed, membership groups of all kinds strongly attract them, perhaps because memberships satisfies in some degree their need to maintain the stability of social institutions.
    I work with someone who is either an ESTJ or ISTJ, and he's alot of fun and we have alot of laughs, although he does care about getting the job done right.

    Also, someone on another forum talks about her husband who is an ESTJ and apparently he can be very fun to be around, especially with people he knows. He can even be flirtatious, which kinda surprised me.
    -stellar renegade
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