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    Well, it sounds to me like the very kind of thinking that some INTPs say they are able to do!
    Are you very good at chess?
    It must be a curse to think that way, and thank goodness you have an escape mechanism.
    Sorry it makes you so miserable.

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    Hi Anthony,

    Just because I am paranoid, doesn't mean that they aren't out to get me.
    Seek freedom and become captive of your desires, seek discipline and find your liberty.

    "If you go looking for something in particular, your chances of finding it are very bad, because of all the things in the world, you're only looking for one of them. If you go looking for anything at all, your chances of finding it are very good, because of all the things in the world, you're sure to find some of them."

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    Quote Originally Posted by anthonym View Post
    Being Paranoid does not mean everyone is not out to get me.

    Speaking of which I would like to discover how other ENFP's have managed to conquer, quell or otherwise squish the little P.

    I'm weary of it.
    I can see it, feel it, focus on it, intellectually identify the way "it" is, as opposed to the way it feels (so accuracy is moot).

    It's hidden, out of sight, no one sees it (hmm ?) and to all intents and purposes does not exist - except to the one to whom it makes a difference.


    Why am I here?
    Specifically wondering if there are others who understand the above.

    I would like to compare notes.

    Favourite film? "A Beautiful Mind".

    Kind regards, :-)

    Age 52 1/2, years of all sorts of workings on myself, inc therapy etc etc; all having their place and benefits so I can see what is left - this .. p.
    In college I used to test as an ENFP. If I was feeling stressed about life I became extremely paranoid. Things seemed connected in rather ominous ways that seemed completely reasonable. I knew it was a problem, but I just felt at the whim of this associative tendency and of my emotions. This led to an extreme sensitivity and subjectivity. Since I could observe this tendency toward subjectivity, which I logically knew to be unreasonable I worked hard to become more objective. I think this is the reason I now test as ENTP.
    "Create like a god, command like a king, work like a slave."

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    Oooh, more Swiss People? Awesomeness! GrŁezi then and welcome to the Forum! =D
    Great Movie Choice BTW. "A beautiful Mind" was genious.
    I hope you'll enjoy your Stay here.
    Rule #1: Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts his cakehole.

    Again, Demons I get, but people are just crazy.

    ESTP? o.O

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    Would it make sense to negotiate the wording of the contracts instead of just going along with the original wording?

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    synarch - that sums up my state very nicely.
    javo - yes, when it's not paranoia.... :-)
    g-virus - I laughed, then realised I have no idea (or not much) what that means; I claim the cultural diversity defence :-)
    intjmom - yes I was good at chess (except when I lost), but rarely play for fear of losing, happy to say i am not miserable - although if I find a way to crush this state, I may change my view. Happiness is a relative state, as is presumably, misery.
    gargoyleslegacy - besten danke, ich bin englander aus manchester uk, und ich wohner im Swiss Romande, et en faite je parle Francais mais ces necessaire pour moi apprendre beaucoup! :-)
    What an amazing array of responses; I visit here with great curiosity each time and I thank you for making my day. :-)

    Kind regards,


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    Welcome, ENFP. Re: Paranoia, I guess it's lacking in my make up. Perhaps I should start cultivating it to be true to the type?
    All I know for sure is that I come from a long line of dead people

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