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Thread: Am I in the right place?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sahara View Post
    Yes, well I came looking for you lol and now you ran away again, tut tut.
    lol... I was trying to think of something sensible to contribute to some of the threads here... but it made me realise that I'm completely ignorant about all this stuff - so I thought I better keep my mouth shut and just read... and hopefully learn something... lol

    Thanks to everyone for their welcomes.

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    Your avatar is handsome!

    As for your question, yes, you're definitely in the right place. Fellow typers(people with the same personality type as yours and some others who aren't your personality type) will understand the qualities that your personality type, INFJ, holds.

    Happy posting!
    I'm a Phlegmatic-Melancholy.

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