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Thread: ISTPs....philosophical?

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    Well, I was a philosophy major. Still got a bachelor of science though. Took mostly logic classes because I was really good with symbolic logic. For my other major's classes I mostly read summaries not the actual texts except for Machiavelli's Prince because it's short and to the point and I love what he had to say, very practical and generally not as harsh and manipulative as people seem to think it is. In fact, most ruthless dictators and bastard politicians wouldn't pass Machiavelli's "Well, if you have to be a dictator..." test. But that's a tangent.

    Ultimately I went into philosophy because I'd just left my religion so I had some curiosity there and I didn't really know what to do with myself (what major, what career, anything long term really) and it seemed like the best way to figure that out.

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    I took philosophy in college. The only thing I remember is the teacher asking us "if you could become the smartest person in the world but be unhappy or be stupid and happy - what would you choose?"

    I was the ONLY one who raised my hand for being stupid and happy. That floored me.

    Anyway, going down the rabbit hole is tedious. My philosophy is smoking a bit and thinking. Somehow that assimilates a lot of information for me in good ways. Hard to describe how but it's my own rabbit hole.
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