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Thread: Favorite ISTP types?

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    Default Favorite ISTP types?

    For my fellow ISTPs: What are your favorite types to deal with? I am interested to see what your few favorite types are, so write a list ranking from your favorite down. Do you prefer different types for each gender? If so, can i get a separate list?

    If i get a good response i might even post for everyone, but this is just a test.

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    This will take a little thought. I'll get back to you.

    I will say for the time being that my best friends have been many types. Many were INTXs as well as ESTP and INFX.

    My wife is an ISFP. We're very similar yet also very different. Fi doms can be frustrating to deal with, but in some ways they are very admirable because when they are committed and invested in a cause, they rarely back down.

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    Favourite types is hard to say. I seem to attract ISTJs and INF* as friends but it's more like they choose me.
    I always enjoy hanging out with any other SPs for a blast. Or an enfp is always fun in small doses.
    Favourite types vary depending what I'm interacting with them for but I guess:
    In order of who I like hanging out with most.
    Obviously if I want shit done I go to the SJ friends. The SJs and the NFs seem to want to make the effort to be friends with me . As if I need saving or something .

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    I was thinking about this earlier. One of my best friends is most likely an INFJ. We're a lot different and yet very similar in many ways. I normally view talking as a luxury, meaning I don't do it much, but we could talk for hours about science, philosophy, evolution, conspiracy theories, etc. I don't know if it's an opposites thing, since they basically have the same functions as ISTPs but almost in reverse order. We often come to the same conclusions and realizations, but what is interesting is how radically we differ in how we come to conclusions. Ni is a weird, weird function, but a neat one.

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