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Thread: Life After (Or In Lieu Of) MBTI (Sensing Types Move On After Determing Type)...

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    People with strong Ne get tired after a time about stuff too.

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    is this even a surprise ?
    I N V I C T U S

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    Quote Originally Posted by "?" View Post
    Yet the majority of post are not related to theory but mere chatting of other subjects and personal discussions.
    Doesn't matter. ISFP, ISTP out doing something, INFP, INTP find it just as pleasing to chat online. No harm done either side. jmo.

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    I like to chat online too, though. It just comes and goes. I might have a period of a month, two months, maybe longer, where I chat online all the time, and then go several months where I hardly do at all because I've found something else to spend all my time doing. But the internet is kinda unifying, because whatever it is I happen to be into at the moment, there's usually internet sites devoted to it, and that's usually a part of my enjoyment of it, whatever it actually is.

    Like, even when I was my most obsessed with highway driving, I discovered websites about that, and spent time I wasn't out driving looking at websites about driving and roads! Meanwhile about a month ago or so I got really into the personality type stuff and started trying to read about every site I could find about it, and even joined this forum and started bugging people here. So, anyway, there ya go. Or something.
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    I'm not certain this says anything about MBTI as much as people simply being attracted to like personalities
    Exactly my thoughts. Perhaps if this board started with equal numbers of the types it would be different. I know plenty of S-types that post on forums so I don't think it's got anything to do with them being 'out there, doing stuff.'

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