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Thread: SP Anthems

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    Floatin' in the summer sky, 99 RED BALLOONS GO BY!!!!!!!!!

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    I was told this is me. Very laid back, even though I am a busy body. Eat, sleep, love are the most important things in my life
    Take what I say with a grain of salt, because that's all it is compared to the ocean of complexity when it comes to actions and real life.
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    I think that, at least, I'm xSxP (I'm still not very sure if I'm ISTP, ESTP or ESFP or whatever), but I have to say that I love all the music here (maybe that's some sing of something ).
    I have always felt that this is very much like me:

    Or even this (and I don't even like a lot of her music, but I always liked this one):

    I even think that this feels a little close to me too:

    Some other songs, maybe....

    And now I'm waiting everybody saying that I don't fit here , but I love all the stuff here for sure...

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    MBTI: ExxJ tetramer
    Functions: Fe > Te > Ni > Se > Si > Ti > Fi > Ne
    Enneagram: 1w2 - 3w4 - 6w5 (The Taskmaster) | sp/so
    Socionics: β-E dimer | -
    Big 5: slOaI
    Temperament: Choleric/Melancholic
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    External Perception: Nohari and Johari
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    I think it captures the coolness, swagginess, in control of situation, charm, epicness and badassness of STPs

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