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Thread: Which is the most aggressive type?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xander View Post
    What kind of ISTJ do you know???
    I was thinking of Sona... he seemed kind of aggressive, didn't he? Talking about hitting people and the validity of his religion?

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    I've found the ESFJs I know to be very aggressive. Need to be heard, need to have their ideas carried out, have hissy fits over small things....bah. I don't think I know any ESTJs for comparison, but in theory I'd think a T might have a cooler head rather than flying off the handle.

    If he lacks social skills though, he's probably not an FJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grendiecat View Post
    I had a miserable experience with a consultant today, over the last couple days really. I'm an ENFJ, Project Manager, seeking cooperation, consensus if possible, and may have to work with a really aggressive, hostile consultant lacking even rudimentary social skills. What kind of type might be? I need a strategy and even that may not save me with this oaf. I'm sure he's an E, can't be an N. An ES something? Who is the ENFJ's natural enemy--heh heh?
    What a biased question. Maybe he's just aggressive and hostile with no social skills, regardless of type. I know plenty of INTP computer people who fit that bill.

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    When I'm stressed and presumably my ESTJ shadow starts to peek out, all the people who know me well just run.
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    I can be quite agressive. If I hate something, or if something attacks me/my projects/opinions etc, then I will strike with full force. Since i'm disillusioned with trying to convince people verbally I usually go for weak spots, and that might be anything from kicking someone in the nuts to thoroughly destroy/infect his social climate by bringing out all the dirty secrets that I can snoop out. Anything that gets the job done and isn't too horrific. Usually it's the guy's own fault if it's horrific, and that's just good if it both benefits me and gives people truth. Right? (i'm such a hypocrite)

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