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Thread: ISTP/INFP Relationship

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    Quote Originally Posted by lauranna View Post
    One of my best friends is an INFP. In fact I can think of another friend who is too. I get on well with them. I call them on their flowery bullshit ideas which at times I think is a little brutal but I think it helps then to see things more rationally. I like the easy going nature of them. They don't demand anything of me and they are so giving and positive. I've never thought about a relationship with them- in that way, perhaps the SP/NF thing would be too different. Can't really comment on that. But as friends yeah sure I like them.

    You know, I never really connected with NF's until my late twenties/early thirties. I think it took that long to gain enough life experience to not dismiss the value that other types can bring. At the core they are so different from myself.

    I think NF's can teach us to think twice about how we affect others. (At least my INFP friend and ENFP boyfriend have done this) but at the same token I think we give them the encouragement to say "fuck it - do it and stop worrying about it".

    Like, be selfish a bit. They deserve it.

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    Yeah I totally agree @MDP2525 my INFP best friend says she envies my ability to just do what I want. I think too that we lead them astray/encourage them to live a little! But then maybe we do the same for some other types too. Maybe it's an SP thing?
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    I find that the (self-identified) INFP that I spend a majority of my social time with is dangerously-similar to myself -
    In that, we re-enforce each others ideas so confidently and completely that we begin to increasingly reject external reality when together.

    My experience with many multiple INFPs is that of awestruck love and deeply personal commiseration.
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    If I remember right, this is one of those relationships that has a lot of passion and good, fiery things to make it attractive, but doesn't connect at the core levels because of differences in perception of the world. SPs, particularly STPs, are very rooted in the immediate world, and engage with it proactively. NFPs have their basic operations on an emotional, imaginative level. We exist much more in daydreams and hopes and ideas for the future, where STPs take control of what's around them and that they can touch or affect.

    So when they try to connect on those basic levels, it really will be rough. And ultimately the xNFP will feel like their internal world isn't being respected, while the xSTP will feel like the xNFP is too spacey and not interactive enough with the world around them.

    If they can get over that disconnect, it can work, but most people don't put the effort into getting past it.
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