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Thread: Wanna connect with ESTP brother

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    Quote Originally Posted by FunnyDigestion View Post
    I was assuming
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    Quote Originally Posted by FunnyDigestion View Post
    I was assuming by connect he meant to share personal-feeling stuff. & I don't think many ESTPs care much about that.
    The stronger the Se, the more the need to connect in a more fun filled fashion. We are not sappy people, or over joyed, or anything like that. We can fake the expression, some of us arent very good, but I try to because I care. Not because of who I am or to get anything from the person. I know some people need and like that. My fear is screwed up, my emotional expression is screwed up, I have a lot of screwed up issues in that realm. Its not that I avoid them, I just need to be worked with in a different fashion. Thats why "minimal eye contact". When I want to look you in the eyes I will. Has noting to do with lieing or deciet.

    I need distraction though, something else to take up a part of my focus. I personally dont get over stimulated by distractions, its almost calming because of the lack of focus on me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iwakar View Post
    That's why i asked the question tho, so he could explain what he meant by connect in his response :P

    but i'll post more carefully when I get back to the future
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