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    Default What is Sensation?


    (I've made the same topic in the SJ sub-forum. However, since I'm interested into everyday life, personal examples, I would be curious to notice if there are differences between the way SP and SJ types use their Sensory functions)


    Hello, you Sensors!

    You know, as an ENTP, I have a very dominant Ne, an average Ni, a poor Se and an almost non-existent Si.
    I am quite familiar with the MBTI theory, but there's a mystery I'd like you to help me solve.

    Each time I read Sensor functions descriptions, I notice the grammar and spelling of the sentences are correct, but I simply can't understand the meaning of this.
    I repeat the words, repeat them over and over again, I try to figure them out, but they seem hollow, alien, without any meaning. It seems I'm unable to catch what Si or Se really are. The more I try, the less successful I am. I can't connect, I can't relate.

    I have no problem to understand what "I" or "F", or "J" means, but agains, "S" is... like if someone would come from another galaxy. And it's incredibly frustrating.


    I have noticed the classic contempt against S types: they are supposed to be "loud" or "less intelligent", or such bullshit. I do not agree at all with this, and I see such arrogance from fellow Ns as very annoying (almost as annoying as the way NT's often think they are inherently superior to everybody). :steam:
    I'd rather think "S" is simply another form of intelligence.

    I'm an extrovert, and sometimes, my tertiary Fe allows me to catch trends my Ti would have never noticed. So that's why I'm asking you to describe what "S" means for you, Se or Si, with your own words, with your own sensations, preferably with actual, everyday life examples.
    How does it work? What is your perception of it?

    Thank you.
    "A man who only drinks water has a secret to hide from his fellow-men" -Baudelaire

    7w8 SCUxI

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    I have a hard time with this as well, as I also find the descriptions vague and simplistic (I mean, come on, everyone has senses). And my Se is not really all that well-developed from what I understand, either....and it's usually expressed in the context of my dominant Ti.

    But I'll try.

    Se for me is observing and interacting with my environment. It's usually seen in conjunction with Ti, when I sit back and observe the situation (Se) while analyzing to figure out what it means (Ti).

    I like to watch scenes (people walking past, etc) and observe random details in my environment, which I think is Se.....but at the same time I miss lots of details that are obvious to others (I am constantly losing/forgetting objects). I have to be consciously focusing on the detail or I don't notice it.

    I always always am more comfortable observing situations for quite a while until I fully understand what's going on before jumping in. Se-Ti again.

    I also relive scenes in my head to further analyze reactions/motives/consequences, which you might call Si but I really think it's Se since it's almost like watching a movie.

    I learn to understand things almost exclusively by doing them or walking through it in some way. I'm thinking this is Se (going through actions) plus Ti (underlying concept behind action).

    I like organizing things, making spreadsheets and organizational systems, optimizing things, making things most efficient. Everything in my room/kitchen is organized for most efficient access/use. I may not stick to the system, but it's at least fun to set up.

    I also enjoy things like cooking, art, gardening, and sports, which are also Se, but I don't see these as...."real" Se things, since I mean, everyone likes enjoyable sensations, even those with no Se. I know lots of INxJs and ENTPs who love sports (and are good at them, too).

    Perhaps another Se-caused thing is that I'm very conscious of my environment. I need things to be neat and clean (though I sometimes have trouble maintaining it), and I enjoy decorating and organizing things so as to make everything both attractive and optimally efficient. I'm easily distracted by things. And I doubt it's relevant but I'm highly sensitive to certain sounds when I'm sleeping. People entering my room while I sleep, even making no noise, (almost?) always seem to wake me up instantly and completely.


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    I struggle with this concept too, but I think that might be partly because I have a relatively weak S.

    One example of something in my life that I might label Sensing is my fascination with the texture of my boyfriend's hair. He has a buzz cut and shaves it periodically, so it feels different at various times depending on the length. Kinda prickly and nubbly in the beginning, gradually becomes almost velvety as it grows out, and then silky and soft when it becomes fairly long. Then in a short time, he cuts it again and the cycle starts over with a new texture I always seem to be rubbing his hair when we cuddle.

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    Default Sensation = Simplicity

    I'm new to MBTI Central (although I've been lurking for a while). I'm and ESTP with a strong S.

    I thought of a great example that occurred to me a couple of weeks ago.

    I was out on a walk with a friend of mine and we were in the middle of a conversation when I noticed in front of us, right next to the sidewalk, a hole in the ground that was caused by the removal of a telephone pole. I immediately stopped the conversation to take a look at the hole.

    The thoughts that went through my head while I investigated it further were:
    "Look at that, there's a hole in the ground in front of us."
    "It's perfectly circular"
    "What's it doing there?"
    "It must have come from a telephone pole"
    "I wonder how deep it goes!"

    I had a huge urge to find out more about this. It turns out the hole wasn't that deep as they filled most of it in with sand.

    I can't tell you what we were talking about at the time, but I can describe to you that hole perfectly.

    Apparently this is a common thing for me, my friends laugh at it now. I'm intrigued by the senses.

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    Haha, I do that all the time, interrupt conversation in mid-sentence (mine or theirs) "hey look at that, cool! let's check it out!"

    I kinda have a reputation for it actually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randomnity View Post
    Haha, I do that all the time, interrupt conversation in mid-sentence (mine or theirs) "hey look at that, cool! let's check it out!"

    I kinda have a reputation for it actually.
    My "S" hubby hears "Will you let me finish?" alot. Plus he changes subjects without notice.

    Conversation we just had.

    Him... that cute oriental girl from American Idol was on Ellen DeGeneris.
    Me... Really, what did she say?
    Him... She's part owner of PetCo
    Me.. She is? Wow, why didn't they say that in her bio?
    Him... Who's?
    Me... Well, who are we talking about?
    Him... E D
    Me.. Oh, I thought you meant the AI girl.
    Him... No, Ellen D is part owner of Petco.

    Its "Who's on First" at our house allll the time.

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