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Thread: Deja vu = Ni inferior?

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    I don't think deja vu necessarily has anything to do with intuition, but in some cases it might.

    /not helping

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    It has nothing to do with Ni. Deja vu happens when other half of the brains processes the info with a small delay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by INTP View Post
    It has nothing to do with Ni. Deja vu happens when other half of the brains processes the info with a small delay.
    This. /discussion
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    It could be related. Your guess is as good as mine. A lot of people experience Deja Vu though.

    Ni inferior is often said to be a strong, inexplicable sense of just "knowing" the truth of something. Like a flash of profound insight. Since ESPs (and ISPs) are so used to relying on Se data on the usefulness or truth of any situation, Ni has a dramatic affect if it shows up. More dramatic than Deja Vu. It's less dramatic with other types, who are always focusing on the "pattern" of things. It can make an ESP so hung up on this new "truth" that they revaluate everything in their life. It could be a good thing, where they suddenly see the ultimate end of certain situations and get out before it's too late. It could be a kind of religious experience, where they change their values or what new trends they follow and almost become new people. It can also be a bad thing where they become really stubborn and egositical about what they simply "know", but can't explain. It can also be mundane and annoying, like being paranoid about just "knowing" their boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on them, and they stop relying on proof/Se to explain themselves.

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    No, Deja Vu is not Ni in any form.

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