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Thread: ESTPs are actually rare?

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    I've known 6 ESTP's... though one's a bit debatable as an ESFP (the female). And I've known about 5 ISTP's. Two of which are females.

    In comparison, I know like a gazillion ENFP's.
    I also know like a gazillion ISFP's, somehow.

    But I do still think INFP, INFJ and ENFJ are less common. But this is just from what I've seen and known around me.

    I honestly don't know how those statistics could ever be right, considering some areas have larger influxes of certain types than other areas, and then of course considering that not everyone has been typecasted.
    "I don't know a perfect person.
    I only know flawed people who are still worth loving."
    -John Green

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    The thread title reminds of a line by Ash in Army of Darkness..

    Arthur: Are all men from the future loud-mouthed braggarts?
    Ash: Nope. Just me baby... Just me.

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    Eh, I don't trust statistics. They are always relative to whatever bias is assumed to represent the whole of a population and usually the real world isn't even that simple to begin with.

    But it wouldn't surprise me. They can come off as NTs when we take the types superficially and stereo-typically.

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    my 6 year old cousin is XSTP most likely ESTP I think. He can't get away from my PS3.

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    O no they're not. I meet WAAAY too many dickish ESTPs online. :P They are about as rare as ENTPs I think which is not very common but still not a great rarity. Most ESTPs just don't get into MBTI though so they are more rare on forums.
    and @Little_Sticks I agree that they are often mistyped.

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    I know quite a bit of ESTPs. I dont actually spend the time to calculate the actual percentage. As there are 16 types, its easy to be able to determine that compared to "ALL" other types, ESTP is a minority, just like every other type.

    reminds me of an accident I got into

    Other: why were you driving so fast, it looks like you were going 60
    Me: When you are looking out your window and see a car coming straight at you, its gonna seem extremely fast as you are standing still.
    Other: oh

    obviously I didnt slam into the person...I was going 5 over(35) and had enough time to respond, turn my wheel and clip the back end of there car which did nothing but spin there car sideways and pull the front part of my fender away from the car(didnt even rip it off). If I was going 60, I would have spun that car in circles a whole lot more, ripped my fender off, and did a whole lot more damage. Scary as I was actually headed straight at the backseat which had a little girl. Then I get the call from there insurance...

    Me: "I had a green light and I was going straight through the intersection"
    Insurance: "they are claiming they had a green arrow, so its just your word against theres"
    Me: "thats the best thing I heard all day...that intersection has no arrows"

    ok...sidetracked thought is over...back to the topic at hand
    Take what I say with a grain of salt, because that's all it is compared to the ocean of complexity when it comes to actions and real life.

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    I was identifying two ESTPs I know to a friend. I think they're awesome. They both have the ability to make anyone feel like a part of their group.

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    I've only encountered one ESFP and like Riva said he was scary. That isn't true. I was never at ease around him. But I'm not supposed to be. Wasn't a huge fan of his morality. I worked with him and he had a tendancy to tell customers things that were probably better left unsaid about his life.

    I hope some day I can meet a more well adjusted ESFP and enjoy their company.

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    I get turned on when ESTPs are all efficient n' stuff.
    With dreamers, pure and simple, the imagination remains a vaguely sketched inner affair. It is not embodied in any aesthetic or practical invention. Reverie is the equivalent of weak desires. Dreamers are the aboulics of the creative imagination.

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