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    From most to least common IMO:

    Me= 6w7 (possibly 4w3) sx/sp

    I wonder if having an 8-fix is weird for an ISFP? I think it may be what makes me look almost like an ESFP who really sucks at what is classically considered extroversion, on certain occasions.

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    Kind of a rough estimation:

    ESTP - 3 = 7 < 8 < cp6
    ESFP - 7 << 2 < 3 = 6 << some 8s (male)
    ISFP - 9 << 4 < 6
    ISTP - cp6 << 5 < 8=7 < some 9s

    I associate 3s with extroversion &/or Je, although like 6 & 9, there are many types with are 3. So some ISTPs maybe 3. Besides ISFPs (being Fi-dom), I have a hard time seeing INxPs being 3 ever, so ISTPs are the only IxxP that might be 3.
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    My MBTI type may seem to be up in the air (I feel certain of it but others have questioned it lately) but I consistently test as a 5w4.
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    From what I've observed:

    ESFP: 7>2
    1. 7w6
    2. 7w8
    3. 2w3

    ISFP: 9>4>6>7
    1. 9w8
    2. 9w1
    3. 4w3
    4. 6w7
    5. 4w5 - Though I suspect that some of these people mistyped themselves. Most 4w5 descriptions seem to describe someone with not only iNtuition, but very strong iNtuition.
    6. 7w6

    ESTP: 7>8>6>3
    1. 7w8
    2. 8w7
    3. 6w7 (usually counterphobic)
    4. 3w2
    5. 7w6

    ISTP: I had the most trouble here because ISTPs seem to be all over the Enneagram. These rankings might be off. 8>6>9>5>7>3
    1. 8w9
    2. 6w5
    3. 9w8
    4. 5w4
    the rest are even iffier:
    5. 8w7?
    6. 7w8?
    7. 5w6?
    8. 6w7?
    9. 3w4?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elfboy View Post
    my best guess is (most to least likely from left to right)
    ESTP: 3, 8, 7
    ISTP: 5, 6, 8
    ESFP: 7, 3, 9
    ISFP: 9, 4, 6
    Yup. I can see myself as 8,3,7 and the rest of those really make sense.

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