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Thread: Any ISFPs?

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    Default Any ISFPs?

    When I originally came to this site I thought I was an ISFJ, but it didn't feel QUITE right. So I've been round and round, taking tests, reading all the descriptions of types and now I'm seriously thinking that ISFP might be it. I've always known that I'm close to the line of I vs E, but for the most part it fits.

    What I'm curious about is your 'artistic' or 'creative' abilities. I guess what I want to know is 'are all ISFP's fine artists?' I consider myself creative but not artistic if that makes sense. I'm an Interior Designer and I also 'stage' homes for real-estate (making recommendations of what kinds of changes need to be made for a home to appeal to certain types of buyers - too smelly, old carpet, etc.). I'm horrible at drawing, painting, and any of that stuff - I do it all on the computer. In school I was good at technical drawing. I hate writing, but I enjoy practical, creative things like sewing curtains, refinishing furniture etc. though I don't consider myself handy and have no clue about most tools.


    Side-note - how do you feel about the celebrity examples who are supposed to be ISFPs. I was very disappointed - they mostly seem like people I DON'T want to be like. ha ha

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    I'm not an ISFP, but I've had serious relationships with 2 ISFPs.

    Both were very creative, but neither of them would be considered a "fine artist". One of them was a Film Studies major and made movies. He also participated in the TV Station at his college. The other majored in Art with a concentration in Fashion Design. He designed snowboard apparel & snowboards.

    Interestingly enough, my INFP brother is a tattoo artist & an old INFP roommate is a studio artist. I wonder if it has something to do with the DomFi.

    I'll throw in here, since you're still figuring out your type, that both my ISTJ aunt & my ISTJ-like grandmother are amazing interior designers. They didn't do it as a profession, but it's their hobby & wow, do they do it well! Very detail oriented with colors, fabrics, and functionality. Both have said that if they could do it all over again, they'd choose Interior Design.

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    Thanks for your input quietgirl. That's interesting that the people you know of this type aren't exactly 'fine artists' yet are still creative types. Personally I have some disatisfaction with my career choice. I LOVE to do interior design, but I'm always stressed and burned-out. A few things make me that way including the fact that in most cases this career is best for Extraverts because it's all about selling and promotion. I'm also more very stressed by all the small details and often frusterated by just doing 'client driven' design where I basically just put together the client's vision rather than my vision.

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    One ISFP I know is a musical prodigy and at age 15 plays several wind instruments that she learned quite "easily".

    Another ISFP I know loves to design and paint things, make crafts, and work with her hands.
    Her hair and makeup are always beautiful to behold - like artwork.

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    Interesting. There is obviously quite a range within the type - musical prodigys to snowboard designer. I'm not at all musical but I'd love to design snowboards and related apparel. Just don't ask me to promote it!

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    ISFPs are my favourite type, and a type I would want to be.
    I'm INFP and my biggest talent is art, particularly fine art. However the ISFPs I know are more into textiles or something similar such as design or drama - but none of them are into fine art. Though of course, I don't know many and I'm the only INFP I know.
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    I would love to have a fine art talent. I had only enough sketching, painting and drawing talent to squeak by in design school.

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    Well, I think ISFP's are delightful! My massage therapist is an ISFP - she has such great, calming energy. It was wonderful to talk with her.

    Also, my father has a ISFP friend who's an occupational therapist. It allows her to help people, and to use her practical, yet creative skills to assist her clients with their individual living challenges.

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    My ISFP mother sounds a lot like you; she loves interior design. She's always watching shows on HGTV, and regrets not studying design at school. Like you, she doesn't paint or draw often, but still appreciate things that stimulate her senses, such as food, fashion, etc.

    I also have three ISFP friend who are all very creative. One does a lot of photography, while the others focus more on painting and drawing. They're all rather reserved, but make are loyal friends. Plus their Sensing preference helps me out quite a bit. On top of that, they all have better fashion sense than just about all the girls in school.
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    Interesting! My perfect job would be doing something like occupational therapy and then decorating as my hobby!

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