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Thread: ISFP and memories?

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    i think it just depends on how much gigabytes u have in ur brain

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    Quote Originally Posted by Takeru View Post
    I am quite sure memories are evident in everyone no matter what type. There is one thing that confuses me, I tend to hold memories quite easily. I can remember something as far back as my pre-kindergarten years where people I have known in those memories have forgotten. I can remember an event as simple as being in the doctors office waiting in line. But from MBTI, this sounds like a Si trait.

    Certain things like songs can potentially trigger a memory I have forgotten in the long list of memories that I have.

    The problem is, do other ISFPs tend to have this sort of thing occurring? Could it be my Fi holding my memories dearly(in the sense I value my memories?) What about Ni in this case?
    I don't understand why this confuses you or why it's a problem. I mean, it's one thing if you can't shake constant flashbacks to some horribly traumatic experience, but otherwise, just enjoy your vivid memories, man.
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    Compared to my ISFJ sister, my childhood memories are distorted and grandiose. Over time, my memories tend transform into "mythical" stories that I keep repeating to myself.

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