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Thread: TOOL lateralus

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    Default TOOL lateralus

    I'm a huge tool fan and I find this song quite interesting. I think the main theme of the song explains how following your intuition to an extreme leads to a separation within the body and the mind. In a way you can say maynard is trying to promote the idea of living in the moment and enjoying the experience which is an "S" trait. This idea seems to be something most people today tend to ignore, especially the NT's .

    YouTube - Tool - Lateralus

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    I've cranked TOOL on my stereo/MP3 player a number of times.

    They have a very heavy groove that is useful for lots of scenes one must deal with.

    Their music has made my life easier while doing cardio. I hate cardio with a passion, but I really like their music, so the two kind of cancel out I guess.

    Cool video!
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    I saw Tool perform Lateralus live so there.

    over NT-ing separates the body from the mind indeed.

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