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Thread: ISTP Messin' With Peeps

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    My ISTP bf went to pick up a piece of computer hardware from a guy on Craigslist who was Indian. When they met, the guy introduced himself as Danish (dah-NISH) but throughout the whole exchange, my bf continued to pronounce it DAY-nish, just to annoy the guy, which he clearly was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sLiPpY View Post
    I've noticed choosing friends is somewhat automatic. Like the ones that stick for a while, are people I'd initially just f* k with to see what they'd do or say back.

    It's worked that way with a few relationships too, and come to think of it...those were the most fun. Otherwise I tend to make crappy dating choices, well attractive chicks that *shudders*

    Just curious if other ISTP's tend to f* k with people they initially like too?
    Some of my best friends are people who I apparently scared the shit out of when we were younger. So maybe? Never talked shit to them much tho.. I'd just do things.

    Hit and miss on relationships...

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