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Thread: So, how do "we" do it?

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    Or you're an INTJ who just had Se puberty.
    Sure, let's go with that.*smirk*

    Quote Originally Posted by chris1207 View Post
    You've always been the same person you always were.
    I agree. I am still me. BUT the thing is that "the old stuff is not working anymore", so I came here to ask what others of my type do, seeing that the xSTP-stuff I knew about has done wonders.

    That being said if you wanted to confirm that you really are ESTP you should meet up with people that are confirmed whatevers.
    Nonono, it's not about confirming. It's just about sharing tricks, to speak so.

    Also, try meeting up with an INTJ and talking about Kant and Aristotle and jurisprudence and all those other things INTJs are into.
    Oow. Uhm, I'd have to say no to that. I do have some INTx friends and I can't bring myself to just talk about stuff anymore. I need action. For the most part I started to hang out with fellow xSTP since 1 or 2 days, and it's loads of fun. But thanks, I appreciate the advice.

    Quote Originally Posted by Unique View Post
    Don't reply to this GargoylesLegacy, she's baiting you, just a heads up.
    Heh, well thank you. I didn't intend to anyways, seeing that this thread is not about whether shifting is possible or not.
    Rule #1: Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts his cakehole.

    Again, Demons I get, but people are just crazy.

    ESTP? o.O

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    Quote Originally Posted by GargoylesLegacy View Post
    Sure, let's go with that.*smirk*

    *points finger*


    A superficial analysis if I may:

    In reply to my (and presumably others) post(s):

    An INTJ would ask questions already knowing the answers. The questions would be for leading people to the place where truth existed. (Or they would lecture.)

    An ESTP would go *lol*, shell out cheesy compliments and lead somewhere else, not having any need to discuss. They might get ticked if someone questioned their integrity.

    An INFP would... um, not sure... whine, mock, and thank, probably.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragingkatsuki View Post
    INTJ ---> ESTP ? Hell of a change. Is it really possible to actually change your personality cos according to research you can't.
    Unless you're a schizo freak of course.

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    Hmm... I've always had problems with these mbti tests... and I've always ended up with INTP/INFP/ENFP.

    Come to think of it... I've never scored an S before in any of the tests I've taken, but these tests usually have questions like this:

    Are you (a) seasoned, or (b) spirited?

    to which of course I choose (b) since it all falls nicely in with the whole freedom-to-do-what-i-want-when-i-want thing... while seasoned... seasoned sounds OLD and death and dying and autumn.
    But picking (b) ends up giving me a +1 N mark.

    or they ask you something like this:

    Are you (a) realistic or (b) visionary?

    and come on... realistic sounds... so ... dry and so... SJ...
    While visionary sounds more like it's about the potential of things interweaving and becoming, which is more introverted thinking to me...
    so I choose it.
    But somehow that gives me yet ANOTHER +1 N point.

    In retrospect, when you know these qtns are inquiring about your S/N, then you can see. . . yeah, okay "realistic" is more sensate and "visionary" is more intuitive---but these words have so many multiple nuances in the different experiences I've had with them that to simply associate a single word to S or N and then asking someone to choose the word (expecting them to share the context you base them on) to decide whether they are a sensate or intuitive is... just dopey.

    Anyway... my point is: your INTJ->ESTP thing sounds like you have a crappy test.

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    its what you are showing the world, but is it really what you are feeling on the inside?

    did you by any chance just get a whole bunch of freedom? like moving out of your parents house?

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    Forum stereotypes inform me ESTP love to share their feelings....for a price
    =universal solution

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