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    When outside, do you prefer to be with others or alone? What about at home?

    Sometimes alone; other times with family or friends. At home I like being alone the majority of the day.

    What would you usually do on an average day? weekend?

    Study, daydream, read, play piano, shop, computer.

    Do you ever go to bars and/or clubs? If so, what is it you're usually doing?
    In my younger years did so every weekend.

    What type of clothes do you usually wear? Do you do it to convey something? Express you mood? or something else?

    Jeans and bright colored tops. Not a clothes whore .. thats for sure.

    What do you spend most of your time thinking about?

    The future, the past, my family, my career possibilities.

    Has a man ever came up to you with a honest no-bullshit approach and spoke his mind?

    Yes .. and I like men who don't BS. I don't trust people easily so when they are brutally honest, I find it leads to trusting them sooner rather than later.

    I'm not talking about a pick up line, I'm talking about if he's nervous he will say so, he finds you attractive he will say so, and not ask for the time or directions. (That's the way I come across; direct)

    Since I am nervous in social situations I find that having a man just as nervous very comforting and sweet.

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    if you know anything about infp women, i'm sure you already know how they will answer. i will go along with julie's post above because, after all, julie certainly seems to be a down to earth sort of gal, now doesn't she?

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