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Thread: ISTP description for hiddenpsyche

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    Oh, man. I realize this is an incredibly old thread, but it was one of the Similar Thread links on the "ISTP or ADD" thread. Frankly, I was curious. And I approve of this message, wherever it came from.

    Quote Originally Posted by htb View Post
    You'll want to consult verified ISTPs (i.e., peek into a store's repair room), but from my experience with them: all, regardless of intelligence, have shown a discomfort with figurative language; accompanied by a personal preference for slang and, when required to speak technically or academically, a tendency to compensate by summarizing with a playful simile, or even inserting a glib (or mildly profane) remark.
    Yeah, that's true, too, now that it's pointed out. It kinda goes along with how I can't really take myself seriously... Cuz I always get slightly perturbed with people that either come off as pretentious or take themselves too seriously. I don't know why that's related, but somehow it is in my brain.
    I have an inner monologue that sounds strikingly similar to something off Animal Planet.

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    Prefect example would be the winner of this season's Top Chef who, when asked why he should win, said "So my brother won't." His brother was a fellow contestant and finalist.
    I think for ISTPs, words are just like any other be manipulated and played with.

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    I enjoy annoying more precise and technically correct types, by referring to powering off a computer as "giving it the finger."

    A Multi-Function printer is a MF Printer, etc.

    All the anal retentive control freak geeks will be sitting around pondering and focused on finding a solution for a systems issue.

    I'd state in plain language what the root cause and/or solution is.

    They'll sit there and say, no that can't be...yada yada

    I'll walk off and smile.

    An hour or two later one of them will come by and ask, how in the hell did you know that?

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    I am not optimistic. In fact, I despise optimism...

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    Quote Originally Posted by betterthandead View Post
    I think there are 2-3 types of ISTPs, as well as 2-3 types of other personality types. The core personality is similar but how that person grew up pretty much makes them more unique.

    I would never want to be tied down to one Introvert woman, I'll probably look for other women. An Extrovert woman will keep me busy and in line. Believe it or not, most ISTPS (not me) are conformists. Some will want to have a "dark super spy" appearance, while others will look like a farmer/blue collar worker all the time. Then there are the clown crazy ISTPs like myself who appear like ENFPs but only once in awhile or if they're under stress. Those are true non-conformists. I've met 3 ISTPs and they all have tattoos...boring conformists trying to project an image of "I'm unique and tough"
    I prefer snake eyes from G.I. Joe. Not much words externally, but a wealth of knowledge internally. Also the drive to never give up as you dont lose until you give up or die. Along with the patience to hang on and wait it out until the right time comes. With this type of ISTP its all about action and the master of his environment.

    Yes certain types can bring out different sides of me, but when it is just me, this is the mode I prefer.
    Take what I say with a grain of salt, because that's all it is compared to the ocean of complexity when it comes to actions and real life.

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