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Thread: Are ISFPs intellectual?

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    Intelligent, yes...Intellectual...I don't think they strive to be "intellectual" in the book sense...

    ISFP's know their stuff but won't jump in after you if you are going to debate an issue to the point of interpersonal unpleasantness (and an INTP :steam: starts at that point).

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    I know a very intelligent and intellectual ISFP. He's one of the most intellectual people I know, and he specialises in the sciences oddly enough.

    Mind you, he recently graduated from a masters and everyone thought he'd do a doctorate, but apparently he's looking for a job. He used to have to study really hard for his parents and I wonder if he didn't actually want to be doing any of that before but just studied hard for a quiet life. He's very private and enigmatic, so we may never know.

    My mum is also ISFP. I wouldn't say she was intellectual. I don't think she's ever felt the need to be academically successful; as an academic person myself I know she finds a lot of studying boring and pointless. I think 'dreamer' accurately sums her up, and studying is a big tiresome anchor, unless it's something she enjoys (like arts, crafts, gardening and languages). Interestingly enough, like the ISFP friend mentioned above, she did science A-levels and started a science degree just to make her dad happy - even though she hated sciences. She dropped out of uni, but only to marry her first husband, which didn't last long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maliafee View Post
    I become sorta INTP in intellectual arguments, too.

    I wonder if this is common? ISFP's get a bad rap in terms of people assuming we're largely unserious and not particularly intellectually smart, but a lot of us really are intellectually intelligent, imo.
    Quote Originally Posted by maliafee View Post
    Being an intellectual means you find Edgar amusing, nay, hilarious.
    hahahaha, I find him extremely hilarious.

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    Not if you mean an interest in academic or theoretical issues. If the talk is turning to post-modern literary criticism, I'm running out the door, and down the street.

    But I'm curious about and interested in lots of subjects, and I'm quiet and introspective, so I've been called intellectual before. I have no idea what they're on about.

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    This is actually a very interesting question. The most intellectual people I've met were 3 ISTP's, 1 INTP, 2 ISFP's, 1 ENFJ, 2 ESFP's, 1 ENTP and 1 ISTJ.


    Specifically the Intellectual ISFP's I've met had rather childish humor but they did very well in math and all that shit ya know and they are both civil engineers =)

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